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Is anybody ready for spring besides me!

It's been a long cold winter and I don't know about anybody else but I am ready for spring!. Even spring cleaning sounds like it would be fun!

While getting ready for that nice spring weather keep in mind that many parts of your home have probably changed over the winter.  Spring cleaning is a good time to check a few things out and make sure you don't have some unforeseen problems lurking. Heres a few things that you might want to consider:

Check your gutters. - Many time we don't get them cleaned out with the last of the leaves to fall, so now is a good time to get it done. Also check the attachment of not just the gutters, but also the downspouts. Another good idea is to add downspout extensions to every downspout. By adding downspouts, you will move water farther away from your foundation and decrease your chances of having water in your crawlspace and the likelihood of having a mold issue.

Roof - Most people don't like to climb up on the roof but one of the best things you can do for yourself is to inspect your roof each year. Check for things like nails popping, broken or missing shingles, cracked sealant around chimneys and also take a look at the rubber boots around the plumbing vents. These will dry out and split or crack and I have seen plenty that will allow water in once they do.

Siding - Check to make sure you don't have any loose or missing pieces that may have blown off during the winter wind. Look up, especially at the gables (or highest) parts of the sidewalls, that's where the smallest pieces are and the most likely to blow off.

Crawlspace - This is the one place that most homeowners never go. Nobody likes crawling around in a damp dark place, but it is one of the most important places to visit each spring. Look for standing water or wet foundation walls, insulation that has fallen out from between the floor joist, plumbing leaks and any damaged structural members.

Windows - It's always a good time to clean those windows and while you're there clean the sills and make sure there isn't a buildup of sand and debris. Most vinyl windows have a built in weep system that allows water to "weep" out. If the weep holes get clogged up with sand and debris, the water can back up and end up in the house. Another thing about weep systems, most sliding patio doors also have a built in weep system. So while you're cleaning the windows, go ahead and jump on the sliding doors as well. Once you have them clean a good coat of silicone spray lubricate will have them sliding all summer long.

Well good luck with the spring cleaning and keep this in mind. We also do home maintenance inspections. We'll come out, climb the roof, check out the siding, windows and doors and crawl in that crawlspace for you. We'll make you up a checklist of things that need your attention and answer all of your questions. It's not as involved as a complete home inspection but it's a good way to know what items may need some TLC. Once you get those done then you're free to hit the beach or the golf course. Of course it's less costly than a complete home inspection too. Give me a call at 443-783-2392 or drop me an email at pbaker@bakerhomeinspection.com and I'll be glad to discuss it with you.