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What's Inspected During A Home Inspection


What's Inspected During The Home Inspection?

 When I perform your inspection, I am looking at many things for many different reasons. 

 One of the most important reasons for the inspection is to note and report to our customer any Safety Hazards that are part of the property. Things like uneven sidewalks and steps, that could cause someone to trip. Unsafe wiring practices that may be in the home, that could cause an electrical shock or fire. These kinds of issues are one of the most important reasons for the inspection.

 Another important aspect of the home inspection, is to see if the Structural Integrity of the property has been compromised. I will (as long as it's safely accessible) crawl into the crawl space and take a close look at the structural members that make up the home. Is the foundation, girders, joist, columns etc.. performing the way they were originally designed and installed? I will also inspect the walls (from the exterior and interior), the ceilings and floors. I'll inspect the attic and roof. I'm looking for any evidence that a member has deteriorated or been altered and may impact the structure.

 Parts of the inspection are performed, not so much because something can create an unsafe situation, but because they create Unexpected Cost for the new owner. A clogged plumbing pipe may not cost you your life, but it might cost you an arm and a leg if you have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair damage that's caused by water backing up and destroying a tile floor. I will check to see if the plumbing connections are made properly, that the water flows adequately and that the water flows down the drain, not somewhere else. 

 One other thing that I look for are Cost Deferred Items, these are items that, in the my opinion, will most likely need a major repair or replacement within the next five years. These could be roof shingles that are keeping the rain out, but are aged. The same is possible with a heating or cooling system. If the systems are working today, but they're 20 years old, it will probably have to be replaced with 5 years because rarely does a system last that long. I will note the age on the report and list these items as cost deferred so that the buyer can plan on having the funds when the time comes to make the repair or replacement.

A complete home inspection from Baker Home Inspection Inc. includes the following:

 On the outside: As your home inspector, I will inspect the grounds and those things that affect the home. Everything from the electrical wiring coming into the home, sidewalks, grading, landscaping etc..  

 Exterior: Siding, doors, windows, trim etc..

 Roof: Shingles, soffit, roof vents, plumbing penetrations, chimneys etc..

 Interior: Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows etc..

 Plumbing: Pipes, vents, connections, flow, drainage etc..

 Electrical: Panel box, wires, wiring connections, switches, receptacles etc..

 Bathrooms: Toilets, tubs, showers, sinks etc..

 Kitchens: Countertops, cabinets, sinks etc..

 HVAC: Heating and cooling unit, ducts, thermostats etc.. 

 A complete home inspection includes approximately 400 different items that are checked and reported on. 


Water Analysis Sampling 

I have been certified to perform Water Analysis Sampling by the State of Maryland. This enables me to collect your water samples while I perform the home inspection, no need to make two appointments when one will do. Once I collect the samples I'll deliver them to the lab and have them tested for whatever contaminants you or your mortgage lender require. Pricing depends on the test required, but I promise we are competitive.


Home Maintenance Inspections

What's a home maintenance inspection and how is it different than a complete home inspection? A home maintenance inspection is an opportunity for homeowners to have a licensed home inspector give them a checklist of items that need attention. Unlike a complete home inspection a Home Maintenance Inspection doesn't take as long, cost as much or isn't quite as involved as a complete home inspection.

A Home Maintenance Inspection consist of a visual inspection of the exterior, crawl space, roof and attic of the home. We look for anything that needs immediate attention or may need attention in the near future and then we provide the homeowner with a checklist of those items. We'll climb the roof (as long as we can safely climb it), crawl in the crawl space, examine the attic and inspect the exterior.

This allows the homeowner the peace of mind in knowing that everything is fine and they don't have to worry or there's a small problem now that may become a big problem later if not addressed.  Since we don't perform repairs the homeowner doesn't have to worry about us making something up just to get a quick unnecessary repair job.


 Though complete home inspections make up the largest percentage of the inspections we perform, we also offer: Pre-Listing Inspections, Builders Warranty Inspections, Multi-Unit Inspections (up to 4 units), Structural Inspections, Component Specific Inspections, Radon Testing and soon we'll add Termite Inspections.



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