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Inspection Pricing

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin

 The cost of a complete home inspection varies, depending on a few variables. The square footage of the home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, attached or detached garages etc. But consider this, are you better off saving $25.00 dollars on a home inspection, only to find out after you move in, that the inspector was not very thorough? Probably not. The cost of a substandard inspection could be in the thousands. 

 What may be a more important question is: How much will it cost if you don't have the home inspected by a reputable inspector, that is going to spend as long as it takes to do the job right!

 Think about when you moved into the home you live in now. Did you spend 2 - 4 hours walking around the property? Did you crawl in the crawl space and take a close look at the foundation, structural members, plumbing connections? Did you take the maintenance panels off the heating and air conditioning units to see if there was evidence of corrosion? Did you remove the electrical panel to see if there were proper electrical connections, wire sizes or burnt wires? Most people don't.

 If you look at the images on our gallery page you'll see some of the things that I have found during inspections. It's amazing the things I find. Everything from shower drains that weren't connected to drain pipes and just draining into the crawl space, to a live bird trapped in an oil furnace, mold in a crawl space, damaged floor joist and many other problems. Imagine if the home you are about to purchase was one of those. 

What you'll get for your money!

There are many home inspectors to choose from, so why chose Baker Home Inspection Inc.? Here's why!

1. You'll get the most thorough home inspection possible, I guarantee it! I'll spend however long it takes to complete the inspection, answer your questions and address your concerns. Most inspections take 2 to 4 hours (some have taken longer, there are companies out there that will inspect an 1800 square foot home, print out a generic report, collect the check and be gone in an hour and a half, I know because I have gone behind some of these companies).

2. I have 27 years experience in the home building industry! Not every home inspector has spent most of their life around home building or has years of training in architectural drawing. Some inspectors took a class and became a home inspector without knowledge, training or hands on experience in modern construction practices and techniques, materials or codes. 

3. I will supply you with a detailed report that lays out the inspection findings and provides you with tips on making improvements to or maintaining the property. On average it takes 3 to 4 hours to write the report.

4. If I find an issue with the home and you decide that it must be fixed or repaired before you close on the deal, I will make a second visit to inspect the repair at no additional charge. Other companies charge from $75 to $150 for return visits.

5. I am always available for questions or concerns about the home you are buying or the one you have bought and moved into.

Most inspections cost between $250 to $350, depending on the size of the home. To receive an accurate quote give us a call. We'll ask a few basic questions about the property and explain what we'll do. You'll receive a quote that is competitive with any other company on the Delmarva Peninsula and if and when you call the other guys, ask how much more they will charge for the items above.


So give us a call today at 443-783-2392 to schedule your appointment.

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