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Sample Report

Reporting The Findings Of The Inspection. 

 Once the home inspector has completed the inspection, he will prepare a detailed report (with pictures) for you. The report will include not only the components that were inspected and the condition of each, but will even include things like; what type of siding and roofing material are installed, the age of heating and cooling systems, types of insulation used and a lot more, even preventative maintenance ideas. These give you a better understanding of not just the condition of the components, but also what they are made of and what kind of care is necessary to maintain them.

 At Baker Home Inspection Inc., we currently use a report that was developed by AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training Institute) it contains approximately 400 items that are inspected. You can visit the AHIT website here www.ahit.com . It is an extremely detailed but easy to understand report. We also include a Report Summary that highlites the information in report. This allows you to get a quick look, until you get the chance to go through the entire report.

 We are in the process of testing a couple of different computer generated reports that may make the report writing process more streamline. We would like to be able to streamline the process but not if it means compromising the information within the report and making it more difficult for the customer to get a clear picture of the property. We will update this page as soon as we have completed our testing.

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